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Southeast New Brunswick badminton club

Dear all,

News regarding the badminton club:

– You can register to become a member at any badminton session! It’s not too late!
– Limit of 3 sessions as a guest (5$ each session). If you are only able to attend 1 session a week (e.g., you are working on other evenings) and you are still interested in joining, please come and talk to me so we can figure something out.
– One advantage in joining this Club is that you attend the badminton session based on your availability. In other words, you come when you can. No worries about having people wait for you.
– No need to have badminton partners.
– Over 25 people have participated to the Clubs sessions over the past 2 weeks – great turnout but we need more for the Clubs survival!
– Members can enjoy special offers (e.g., % off at Cleves). More on this coming soon!
– The Crossman Centre is a great gym for badminton; the floor surface is perfect for badminton (not slippery!), lighting and ceiling heights are good too!

A couple updated things:

1) PROMOTION: 20% off the regular membership fee between Oct 12th (today) to Oct 21st.

2) An article about the club will be in the Acadie Nouvelle within the next couple of days (exact date is unknown).

3) Volunteer opportunity at the International Badminton Challenge – see attached documents.

See you tonight – hopefully!
visit our website:


Crossman Community Centre (99 Wynwood Dr, Moncton)


* Monday & Wednesday from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
* Friday from 9:00 PM to 10h30 PM
* Fall 2011 session: September 26 to December 31, 2011